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Maternity care

About PMC (Mother & Child group of companies)

In the early days of Mother and child Group of Companies its first clinics focused on children’s healthcare and obstetrics. Our patients, impressed by the quality of service we offered, encouraged their friends and family to come to us for treatment. Our focus — the health and wellbeing of women and children — remains our core value, but we have also responded to patient feedback and expanded the range of medical services. Today, at PMC we provide specialized medical services in surgery, traumatology, cardiology, urology, and more.


We are proponents of organ-sparing surgery because we believe in helping women maintain their reproductive ability. We were the first in Russia to surgically treat placental growth into uterine scar tissue after Caesarean section operations. There was a time when, owing to the risk of massive bleeding, most of these operations resulted in hysterectomy. However, organsparing techniques have been developed that use angiographic bleeding control to help minimize blood loss and support a woman’s reproductive ability. Our hospitals are equipped with specialised high-tech equipment for complex endovascular operations.


Our highly skilled medical staff treats various traumas and diseases by surgical treatment in all of our hospitals. Our surgeons are experts in interventional radiology, minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries, which are performed both on schedule and in case of emergency. Our range of services includes abdominal surgery, simultaneous surgery of abdominal and pelvic organs, gynecological surgery, endocrine surgery

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